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In observance of Summer Holiday, our Offices will be closed from Monday 7th to  Friday 18th August 2017. We will resume normal business hours on Monday 21st August 2017

Nos bureaux seront fermés pour les vacances d’été du lundi 7 au vendredi 21 Août 2017 inclus. Nous serons de nouveau à votre disposition le lundi 21 Août 2017.

About us

The Aquaria srl company operates in the following areas related to environmental monitoring:


The product range offered by Aquaria srl is as follows:

  • Radial diffusive sampler (“RING” line)
  • High flow rate active samplers for environmental sampling, both single-channel and sequential for PTS and PM10 and 2.5 (“CF20” line), and isokinetic sampling (“AISS”)
  • Low flow rate active samplers for personal sampling (“AP BUCK” line)
  • Sampling accessories (isokinetic probe, thermal bags, filter devices, impinger …)
  • Microbiological air samplers both for orthogonal impact (“MICROFLOW” line), with variable flow rate, that by bubbling (“FLOWIMPINGER”), with fixed flow rate
  • Electrochemical cells analyzers
  • Fume hoods with molecular filtration (“BLACK ACTIVA” line)
  • Laminar flow hoods, both horizontal that vertical flow (“FLOW ACTIVA”, “BIO ACTIVA” and “CYTO ACTIVA”)
  • Hood for asbestos fibres and toxic dust handling (“ACTIVA SECURITY”)
  • Hood for conditioning filters (“ACTIVA CLIMATIC”)
  • Consumables (sterile bottles with and without sodium thiosulfate, adsorbents tube, smoke tubes, filters, gas sampling bags …)