Solutions to environmental problems, increasingly complex and frequent, require detailed and qualified technical knowledge. Require more attention to product quality, because they determine the safety of environments and people. AQUARIA responds to constant contextual stress and regulations with rigorous and coded business processes and procedures, to provide quality standards always at the highest levels, guaranteed by Certification ISO 9001 obtained in 1999.

A responsible and concrete choice, which involves the entire production process: by verification and selection of suppliers and components, to final controls, accurate and encoded, performed with instruments and calibrators certified by the relevant authorities.

In the interests of transparency and service, AQUARIA keeps in its archives all the information about the quality of instruments and products.

ISO 9001 certification is not a point of arrival but a constant guarantee to maintain an high quality both of service and products offered to pursue the continued satisfaction of our customers.

Following the optic to maintain the highest standards of production and maximum security than offered, AQUARIA obtains the TUV certification according to standard UNI EN 12469 for 19 models of vertical laminar flow hoods “Biohazard”.


Download ISO 9001 – CSQ Certificate

Download ISO 9001 – IQnet Certificate

Download TUV (for modell 120) Certificate

Download certificato TUV (for modells 150 and 180) Certificate