For the transport of the sampled filters to the laboratories, as indicated in the method UNICHIM 285-2003, you must “Use suitable containers to prevent damage during the trip. It is preferable to use anti-static material containers and equipped with contoured cover, to ensure the locking of the circumference of the filter where the dust is not deposited”.

To meet this need AQUARIA offers its filter cassettes, protected by utility model No. 952 465



  • available for membranes of 25 mm, 37 mm and 47 mm diameter
  • made of antistatic plastic to not electrify the membranes and bring interference in the weighing phase
  • closure that prevents the entrance of moisture and dust during transportation
  • contoured cover to ensure the locking of the filter on the circumference thus avoiding that the filter adheres to the inside of the lid and lose the sampled particulate
  • equipped, on the circumference, with two lateral slides (for right and left handed) to facilitate the filter plug with tweezers


Packaging: pack of 25 pieces