The attention to the air quality it is very timely and is a source of growing concern for the general awareness of the risks related to the characteristics of the air we breathe. During the last decades in Italy the reality of atmospheric emissions has changed profoundly: we went from those caused prevalently to the use of fossil fuel, characterized by high amounts of sulfur dioxide (as well as particulates, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide), to the particulate emissions (in particular those less than 10 micrometers, called PM10) and nitrogen oxides resulting from the combustion of natural gas and carbon monoxide from road traffic.
As a result, air pollution affects today mainly urban areas, major road infrastructure and industrial centres.
Monitoring the air quality is necessary for the common good: It is therefore interests of local authorities, but also the responsibility of public and private industries, understand, and then prevent, the environmental impact of its structure.

The offer of AQUARIA allows the operator to choose between diffusive sampling (radial sampler “RING”) and active sampling with the line of single and sequential sampler for PTS e PM10 e 2.5. Through proper supports (filters, adsorbent vials or bubbler), is possible to done a correct monitoring of all major air pollutants.


Emissions monitoring is an important step during the management production process.
A representative sample of the entire amount emitted from the chimney, to call it as such, must present in the space the physical characteristics and homogeneous composition throughout the entire section of the conduit, and, in time, a steady state flow (constant in time). Otherwise the sample will have different characteristics than the averages and therefore the determinations performed are wrong compared to the entire amount of flow emitted by the chimney.

With the isokinetic air samplers line and the relative probes and accessories, in compliance with European and international regulations, it is possible to develop appropriate sampling lines which allow the operator to characterize the chimney both from the point of view of the emissions of the particulate and of the gas.
AQUARIA, besides the active samplers, offers a line of electrochemical cells analyzers with which you can immediately quantify the main gaseous pollutants present in the emission


The Legislative Decree n° 81 of April the 9th, 2008 underlines the importance of the workplace monitoring in order to allow the operatore to work in the best possible conditions both from a microclimatic point of view and both of the levels of airborne pollutants (chemical, physical or biological).
The monitoring of an hazardous agent it’s a complex operation due to the large number of objective and subjective variables that can influence the level of exposure: therefore it is important the choice of the sampler and of the relative sampling support.

For the sampling of airborne pollutants AQUARIA offers to the operator diffusive samplers ( “RING”) and active samplers , both personal(AP Buck line) and environmental(CF20 line). Fixed points measurements can be used if the results allow to evaluate the worker exposure in the workplace and they are used by executing appropriate calculation algorithms considering the time spent by the operators in the single locations.

The society offers a wide range of microbiological air samplers (MICROFLOW line) with variable flow rates or fixed flow rate (FLOWImpinger)


A proper management of the water control begins from a correct sampling which can be both automatical than manual.
For a manual potable waters sampling, on which must be carried out microbiological analysis, are offered sterile bottles "AQUASAMPLING" containing sodium thiosulfate.


Since 2005 the products range has been expanded with fume hoods supplied with test report according with the standard EN 14175-3:2003 and with laminar flow hoods (horizontal and vertical) supplied with TUV certification, according with the standard UNI EN 12469. The wide range of fume and laminar flow hoods (well 19 of these with TUV certificate) proposed by AQUARIA guarantees for each operator both individual than working area protection.

To the already extensive range of fume and laminar flow hoods AQUARIA has added the new “ACTIVA SECURITY”: a hood , protected by patent, which, for its innovations, has been developed specifically for the handling of products containing asbestos fibers or products which can give off toxic/carcinogen dust

Aquaria srl is able to provide a wide range of consumables (adsorbent tubesmembrane filtersbags for gas samplings, etc.) able to meet any needs.