BIO ACTIVA ONE (Biohazard)

The cabinet BIO ACTIVA ONE was developed for the comprehensive protection of operator, product and environment during the manipulation of pathogen. The biohazard cabinet Class II Type A1 and A2 (ex A and B3) has an opening front that draws air from the outside, vertical laminar airflow inside the cabin and HEPA filter output.

As required by regulations the air, decontaminated by HEPA filter, falls vertically with class 100 laminar flow in the working area and across the working top.
The contaminated air is aspirated from the motor fan located on the top of the cabin and conveyed into a plenum: here about 70% of the air is sent back into the working area after absolute filtration and the remaining 30% is expelled to the outside, thanks to a second motor fan after absolute filtration.
The mass of air, aspirated and recycled from the main motor fan, keeps the back channel in negative pressure. The expelled air is replenished with an equal amount of ambient air aspirated through the front opening, creating an insulating barrier in the front area of access to the workspace.

The models 120 - 150 e 180 have TUV certification in according to UNI EN 12469 (cert. n° ZI 10 09 62765 004 e n°Z1 10 09 62765 003)

- External chassie in steel sheet (thickness  15/10), painted with epoxy powder
- Rear internal wall of stainless steel AISI 304 scotch-brite
- Perforated worktop in stainless steel AISI 304 scotch-brite, divided into sectors easily removed and sterilized in an autoclave
- Large liquid collection tank below the worktop in epoxy painting steel
- Tempered front glass (thickness 6 mm) that can be opened with a vertically motorized latch, with acoustic alarm of incorrect operating condition provided with a gasket support glass in total closing
- Front opening height:  200 mm (in working position)
- Side walls made of safety glass for control operations under the cabinet
- Motors fan  with electronic control (no. 2) able to compensate for losses due to the gradual clogging of the HEPA filters
- Possibility to channel outside the exhaust air, if required, by the local of installation with optional collar (diameter of 250 mm)
- Plenum seal dynamic
- Two HEPA filters, removable from the front top, with efficiency greater than 99.995% MPPS (ex 99.999% of particles with a diameter same or more than 0.3 microns) which complies with all regulations
- Sockets for DOP test on the downflow and the exhaust flow
- Automatic regulation of the speed  for downflow air and exhaust air (front barrier)
- Exhaust air flow:  400 mc/h
- Noise level:  < 60 dBA
- Average speed  LAF:  > 0,40 m/sec (adjustable by the customer)
- Average speed barrier:  > 0,40 m/sec (modificabile dal cliente)
- Light on working top:  > 800 lux
- Power supply:  230 V; 50 Hz
- External dimensions (excluding stand):
  ° mod.   90:  980 x 795 x 1310 mm (L x W x H)
  ° mod. 120: 1285 x 795 x 1310 mm (L x W x H)
  ° mod. 150: 1465 x 795 x 1310 mm (L x W x H)
  ° mod. 180: 1890 x 795 x 1310 mm (L x W x H)
- Internal dimensions:
  ° mod.   90:  970 x 690 x 640 mm (L x W x H)
  ° mod. 120: 1275 x 690 x 640 mm (L x W x H)
  ° mod. 150: 1455 x 690 x 640 mm (L x W x H)
  ° mod. 180: 1880 x 690 x 640 mm (L x W x H)
- Net weight:
  °  mod.   90: 164 kg
  °  mod. 120: 200 kg
  °  mod. 150: 225 kg
  °  mod. 180: 265 kg


On the control panel, which contains the electronic board controller by a new generation microprocessor, are present:

- General selector  O/I with a key control
- Membrane keyboard (soft touch) in antistatic protection
- Digital display with a real-time reading of the speed of vertical laminar flow and the front barrier, in meters/second
- Operation timer U.V. lamp, countdown that can be set by the client with auto power off at the end of cycle
- Electronic digital hour meter of the operating of the machine
- Electronic digital hour meter of the operating of the U.V. lamp (if installed)
- Prealarm of reached maximum time limit of use HEPA filters installed with reporting requirements of the next replacement
- Audio and visual alarm for:
   * glass front in wrong position
   * clogged filters
   * malfunction of the fan
   * malfunction in the downflow and anomalies in the exhaust (front barrier)
   * reached limit of use of filters installed
   * end of UV lamp life
- Buttons:
   * fan activation
   * UP/DOWN electric window openers
   * drive emergency solenoid valve (if installed) on gas tap
   * lighting of fluorescent lamp and UVC lamp (if installed) interlocked with each other
input internal power outlet
   * Emergency button for the possibility of increasing the flow rate of air expulsion (barrier protection operator)

Safety cabin against biological risks (BIOHAZARD), with a work area protected by vertical laminar flow Class 100 (ISO 5, former Federal Std 209 E), bench model, class II A/B3 classified and therefore suitable for handling pathogens of low/medium biological risk.
Built in accordance with:
- European standard EN 1822 - UNI EN 12469
- British Standard Institution (BSI 5726)
- Deutsches Institute fuer Normueng (DIN 12950)
- Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI 66.5)

It’ also in accordance to the recommendations made by WHO and the National Commission for the fight against AIDS of the Ministry of Health on the safety of health workers