MICROFLOW (Microbiological air sampler)

MICROFLOW alfa has been developed for bio-aerosol sampling in critical places (e.g. clean rooms, food plants, fermentation’s plants etc….). Microflow alfa allows to verify and quantify microorganism presence. In this way you can value the exposure or you can identify the source in order to put in place corrective actions.

There are 3 models available:
MICROFLOW 60:  works with contact plates (Ø 60 ± 2 mm)
MICROFLOW 90/C*:  for use with Petri dishes (Ø 90 ± 2 mm)
MICROFLOW 60-90/C*:  can be used with contact plates (Ø 60 ± 2 mm) and with Petri dishes (Ø 90 ± 2 mm)
(*) with flow compensation system

Microflow is calibrated with a flow rate calibration system developed by “Politecnico di Milano” – Technical University Aerospatial Engineering Department (rel.n.377/2003) and it has been certified by I.N.RI.M. of Turin (certificate n.10-01114-01/2010)

The sampler is in accordance with the method  UNICHIM 1962-2 of 2006 and the  ISO 14698-1:2004

- Chassis in disinfected polyurethane (interior coated with anti-bacterial silver coating)
- Intake head in autoclavable anodized aluminium
    MICROFLOW 60: head with 219 conical holes of 1 mm
    MICROFLOW 90 C: head with 380 conical holes of 1 mm
- Plate support in autoclavable anodized aluminium with locking latches plates in armonic steel 
    MICROFLOW 60: you can use contact plates 60 ± 2 mm
    MICROFLOW 90C: you can use Petri dishes 90 ± 2 mm
    MICROFLOW 60/90C: you can use either Petri  dishes of 90 ± 2 mm  or contact plates 60 ± 2 mm  simply by substituting the mechanical group
- Alphanumeric display for the presentation of the menus and display of sampling parameters and the amount of air
- lighting LED for ON/OFF
- Flow rate: 30 - 60 - 90 – 100 - 120 l/min
- In the compensate models: flow compensation in presence of variation of the supplied voltage of the battery and the possibile loss of pressure caused by the different size of the used plate than the plate used for calibration. With these models you can then use any kind of Petri dishes on the market.
- Function calibration check (with proper key and optional calibration kit)
- Programming the sampled air volume from 1 to 1000 liters, with  steps of 1 liter. You can also set a manual sampling, in case you want to sample for an indefinite time.
- Possibility of sequential sampling as indicated by the guidelines ISPESL.
- Delay start
- Remote switch with remote control (able to pass through the glass) for remote control of sampling
- Storing of up to 160 samples (date,time, sample volume and sampling rate) and a USB port to download data to a PC, Windows compatible (according to GLP – Good Laboratory Practice and GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice)
- Power by rechargeable batteries without memory effect
- Battery life: 4,5 hours (for a continuous sampling with  a flow rate of b1,5 l/s)
- Dimensions: 310 x 130 x 170 mm (length x width x alt)
- Weight: 1,9 kg